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Podcasters, journalists, audiobloggers use LS-10

Here’s a quick LS-10 review from Corporate Talk Radio that talks about how the product can be used for interviews purposes.  An excerpt:

So far, I like it. Its compact size, seemingly long battery life, and easy of use will make it my recorder of choice for a gun and run situation as well as for traveling, when my SD702 may be more than I want to haul. I’m particularly pleased that unlike other under 500 dollar recorders, it can handle my relatively low output EV635 dynamic mic.


2 Responses

  1. I use an old Olympus VN-1000 for recording interviews. For lyric writing, however, I still prefer scribbling in pencil into a little notebook.

    • I don’t think pencil and paper will ever go out of style. For each task, each person finds a medium that works for him/her. Glad to hear your VN-1000 has been a workhorse for you.

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