New LS-11 has more memory, is more intuitive

Today, Olympus introduced the new LS-11 Linear PCM Audio Recording Device. The LS-11 has an expanded internal memory capacity of 8 gigabytes, an intuitive interface that enables users to add index marks and edit files within the recorder, and records in uncompressed 24 bit/96 kHz Linear PCM format for digital stereo recordings. For podcasters and other traveling audiophiles who want to keep files small and record basic audio, the LS-11 is optimized for mono-recording as well.

Read the entire news release. Or download a PDF of the LS-11 brochure with specifications.


14 Responses

  1. Does the new LS-11 have the same 70 hz roll off that the LS-10 has? If so can it be defeated if desired. I understand that the inability to defeat the roll off on the LS-10 is something users don’t care for

    • Are you talking about the frequency response with the stereo mic recording? If that’s the case, then we have improved that on the LS-11 to be 60hz to 20kHz, up from the 70hz on the LS-10.

    • There are many models of mic preamps available ranging from $49 up to the thousands from about 30 different manufacturers. A list is below. It all depends on what other equipment you have, your budget, etc.

      The LS-11 line in jack should be able to accommodate most of these models. All available from Musicians Friend.

      A-Designs (10)
      Aphex (2)
      ART (21)
      Audient (6)
      Avalon (7)
      Behringer (6)
      Blue (3)
      Chameleon Labs (2)
      Chandler Limited (3)
      D.W. Fearn (7)
      Daking (2)
      dbx (2)
      Electro-Harmonix (1)
      Focusrite (25)
      Gemini (2)
      GML (1)
      Golden Age Project (1)
      Grace Design (7)
      Groove Tube (2)
      Joemeek (4)
      Lexicon (1)
      M-Audio (3)
      Mackie (2)
      Millennia (6)
      MXL (1)
      Nady (12)
      Oram (1)
      PreSonus (18)
      Radial (1)
      RME (1)
      Rolls (1)
      Rupert Neve Designs (5)
      Sabine (5)
      SMPro Audio (5)
      Solid State Logic (16)
      Studio Projects (2)
      Summit Audio (1)
      TL Audio (6)
      Toft Audio Designs (4)
      True Systems (4)
      Tube-Tech (4)
      Universal Audio

  2. Will the LS-11 be available in black?

    • Not to steal a line from Henry Ford, but it’s available in any color you want as long as it’s silver. (Nonetheless, I’ll pass your note to the Olympus Audio product team for future consideration.)

  3. On the larger flash recorders, there is provision for XLR inputs. Obviously, the handy size of the LS-10 and LS-11 prohibit XLR balanced line jacks. Can you recommend an XLR stereo mic preamp suitable for use with the LS-11s line-in jack?

  4. Is the low frequency roll off of the internal mics a function of intentional design? I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have a selectable roll off and have a full spectrum mic on board.

    • Hi, Bernie. I checked with one of the Olympus engineers in Tokyo. He said they have considered it, but they had to leave it out of the LS-11. To include a selectable function, they had two options.

      1. Do it by by DSP: This would increase power consumption, but battery life is very strong sales point for the product. So, we opted not to choose it.

      2. Do it on the board – The printed circuit board would have tobe bigger than the current one. Given the other design parameters in place, it would have been difficult to make a change this big for the design.

      The engineer indicated that they have it on a list of desired functionality for future versions of the LS-series products.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Is there any chance that a firmware update could improve the bass frequency / roll off issue?

  6. In the LS-10

    • Can you be more specific about the roll-off issue? Are you referring to the frequency response for the low band area being flatter? If that’s the case it looks like it can’t be resolved via firmware. That would definitely be a hardware issue. The engineers are curious so any input would be greatly appreciated and definitely studied for future releases.

  7. Hi guys,

    Thanks for participating in this forum. I’m a big LS-10 fan and keeping an eye on the LS-11. Here’s a nice discussion that I think summarizes the basic “bass rolloff” issue that Cd and others are referring to here:

    • That is a VERY thorough thread and should prove helpful in answering some of the rolloff questions we are getting. Thanks for the info and for being a fan of the LS-10.

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