FrequencyCast’s Unofficial Guide to the LS-11

The guys at FrequencyCast, a UK based technology podcast,  featured the LS-11 on one of their recent shows. In this episode Carl and Pete unbox an LS-11 and provide a comprehensive review of features while road-testing the recorder in various environments. You’ll get a great sense of the LS-11’s recording capabilites from ambient location work to musical performances. Many thanks to the folks at FrequencyCast for a thoughtful and thorough review. Check out the podcast HERE

Follow up: The guys at FreqencyCast put together a nice follow up piece to their podcast on the LS-11. They assembled a comparison of the LS-10 and LS-11 in this distillation of their radio show review. Check it out here.


2 Responses

  1. The LS-11 is a great product, and we had a lot of fun reviewing it.

    Note that as well as the 18 minute dedicated LS-11 hands-on review, we also gave the LS-11 a mini-review in our main regular tech podcast – Show 45 contains the mini-review –

    Glad you enjoyed our review!

    • Thanks for the link to the mini-review, Steve. I will post to the blog and tweet as well. The review was fantastic, most thorough I’ve come across to date.

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