Roger “Hurricane” Wilson: Solid blues man and loyal LS-10 fan.

Last week while I was at the NAMM show in Anaheim I was approached by Roger “Hurricane” Wilson, a blues guitarist hailing from Kennesaw, GA, who stopped by the Olympus booth to tell me about his experiences with our LS-10 linear PCM recorder. He told me he was a fan of the recorder and wanted to know if he could share with me some of the live tracks he’s captured with the LS-10.

If you’ve been to NAMM, you know there isn’t a shortage of guitarists in town who want you to check out their material. This being the case I was a little skeptical of what Roger was about to present to me. So Roger hand’s me his LS-10 which contained some of his live tracks. And you know what? I was floored! Not just because of the fantastic sound quality but because Roger is such an excellent blues guitarist. Turns out I was treated to some blazing blues leads and killer, old-school lyrics which do more than pay homage to the great legacy of blues men.

I’m glad Roger pushed me to listen to his songs and I’m even happier to share some of those tracks with you. You’re sure to be seeing more of Roger around here. You can check out one of the tracks he gave me HERE. Once I’ve had the chance to reconnect with Roger I’ll be posting more of his material.

For more info on Roger “Hurricane” Wilson visit


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  1. Great article! Thanks for the info. It was very helpful.

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