In-depth technology podcast serving blind audiences

While we love to talk about our history of innovation here at Olympus, one of the things we’re really proud of is being able to better serve our visually impaired customers. Intuitive, easy-to use design coupled with features like voice guidance have helped to put our digital voice recorders in the hands of those who need it most.

Technology plays such an important role in the lives of our visually impaired customers. We recognize it and we love to promote those companies/groups that help the blind adopt the technologies that make everyday life easier.

One such group I’d like to point out are the folks at who have been creating technology-based podcasts for the blind since 2005. Each podcast offers accessible appliance and device reviews, tips and tricks about daily life, information, great sound seeing tours, etc. I stumbled upon the podcast when I saw a review of our DM-520 and was immediately impressed with the level of detail that is provided within each podcast.

If you have a friend or love one that is visually impaired this would be a great link to pass along.


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  1. Oh definitely. I have tried the DS-50, and I fell in love with the intuitiveness of the device and the voice guidance feature. I am blind myself, and there’s nothing better than being able to record old memories and listen to them in crystal clear stereo. I’m curious as to the DM-520 though and how it sounds with the internal stereo microphones. I can’t find any samples, and the sample provided in the BlondCoolTech podcast is recorded from a computer that is picking up the Olympus’ speaker.

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