Desperately seeking bird calls!

It has become quite evident in my time managing this blog that many of our loyal customers are birding enthusiasts. That being the case I’d really like to build up a collection of bird songs to share with everyone. The only problem is that I know absolutely nothing about birds except for the fact that they fly and they seem to hate my car. I’d go out and record some bird songs myself but, honestly, it would make for a pitifully inaccurate collection. So I wanted to recruit all of you Olympus owners out there to help me build my catalog of bird songs. And, yes, there’s something in it for you.

If you provide me with an audio file, photo of the bird you captured and identify which Olympus recorder you used I will credit you on the blog and provide you with a one-time-use discount code that you can use on our Friends of Olympus website. These codes are good for up to 20% off all products on the site from recorders to cameras to accessories. This is a limited time offer. I will only be giving out these codes until October 15, 2011 so hurry up and get those submissions in. Please submit all inquiries and submissions to


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