LS-10 vs. LS-11: What’s The Difference?

Lately I’ve come across a good number of people asking what the difference is between our LS-10 and LS-11 Linear PCM Recorders. It’s time I answered this question once and for all.

From a quality standpoint there is almost no difference between these two units. Both feature the same high-sensitivity, 16mm cardoid microphones and offer 24 bit/96 kHz linear PCM recording quality. There is a difference in frequency response (70Hz – 20 KHz for the LS-10 and 60Hz -20Khz for the LS-11) which helps to resolve some of the bass roll-off concerns we’ve heard from our musician base of users. Otherwise, the differences between these recorders are all about convenience. In a nutshell, here’s what the LS-11 features that the LS-10 does not:

  • The ability to copy internal files to SD. Simple file management.
  • The ability to edit and move files on the recorder. You can partially cut or divide your files.
  • Voice synchronization enables automatic recording when sounds are detected at a preset level.
  • Extended battery life. Up to 23 hours.
  • Gapless playback.
  • More internal memory. 8 GB expandable to 32 GB with an SD or SDHC card.

That’s really all it comes down to. Whatever your recording requirements, if you demand high quality audio, either of these recorders will serve you well.

To hear some audio files captured on the LS series check out our What We Sound Like: Music page. If you’d like to learn and hear more about these recorders the fine folks at FrequencyCast have put together a superb review of both recorders. Check it out here.


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