Well, my 5 year old daughter still can’t sing…

…but at least she has better taste in the songs she butchers now.

A few months back I was lucky enough to have my digital voice recorder handy for the whole Since You’ve Been Gone episode. Last night my wife heard her singing to the bedtime mix of songs I made for her recently. I put Carole King’s It’s Too Late on there thinking she would probably enjoy it. I guess I was right. I managed to get upstairs in time to catch the last chorus but couldn’t get to my LS-10 in time to capture it. Well, fortunately I worked from home today and her bedroom is right next to my office. Sure enough, the song came on and I was able to get to my recorder in time to capture it. She doesn’t quite have all the lyrics down yet but it’s close enough for a 5 year old. Here she is singing the chorus. This will be filed away to be played for her friends when she’s older. Now, if I could only get a recording of her singing Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden in the car….


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