DP-10: The “Micro-Cassette Successor”

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the new DP-10 to our extensive line of digital voice recorders. You may have noticed we’re doing something a little different with the introduction of this device. Many of our recorders are filled to the brim with the latest technology and options that our users crave. But we understand that not everyone is looking for bells and whistles when it comes to voice recorders. That’s why we’re calling this piece our “micro-cassette successor,” which may seem a little unusual to say in 2010. Let me tell you why it makes sense.

Over the years of digital audio recorder development we’ve noticed a trend. Some folks just refuse to give up their analog recorders. Why? They’re incredibly simple to use and the price is right. And while they’d like to upgrade to digital, ease-of-use, sound quality and price are key to making the transition. The DP-10 was built to make that transition a little easier.

Simple & Easy-To-Use: While most of our recorders are intuitive and easy-to-use, we’ve taken it a step further with the DP-10. You’ll find that we’ve kept the buttons down to a minimum and feature only the necessities (i.e. Play, Stop, and Record). Such simplicity will feel quite natural to micro-cassette users. Users will find the built-in memory as easy to use as swapping out a tape. The new “Calendar Search” function gives users the ability to organize recordings by date and time. There are no folders to navigate on this device.

Long Life & Great Sound Quality: With only two AAA batteries the DP-10 features 63 hours of battery life and, like all of our digital recorders, the DP-10 records in high-quality WMA format. In LP mode this adds up to 131 hours of recording time.

Simple features and a great price ($34.99) make the DP-10 the perfect transitional recorder for those looking to upgrade from micro-cassette recorders. For more information on the DP-10 check out the full press release here.


3 Responses

  1. Does it have USB support?

    • Thanks for the comment, Matt.

      That’s a good question; one that I should have addressed in my initial post. A big part of the consideration when designing this recorder as an analog successor was an older audience who may desire the quality of digital audio but may not want to utilize their computer to manage files. In order to provide this audience with something more akin to micro-cassette media, we opted not to include USB support.

      We do have a host of other recorders comparable to DP-10 in sound quality and ease-of-use which do support USB. You can check out the whole line-up on our website at http://www.getolympus.com

  2. What does the “DP” stand for?

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