AMP_7050_retouchedOlympus is proud to be working with the emerging band, After Midnight Project, whose members will provide a variety of content using the Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder. The band signed with Universal Motown in 2008 and headed into the studio with renowned producer John Feldmann (Atreyu, The Used) to record its debut album, ‘Let’s Build Something to Break,’ which is slated to hit stores August 11th. Their “Warped” tour runs June 28-August 9 and will hit more than three dozen venues nationwide.

Interviews from the road

On July 17, 2009, interviewer Mickey Lynch talked with the band and captured the conversation on an Olympus LS-10 before their performance at the Warped Tour in Camden, N.J. We will provide the interviews in four-parts.

AMP interview – part 1: Introduction, humble beginnings, life on the road, building the band.

AMP interview part 2: The band members talk about promoting themselves, their DIY ethic, using social media and their success in appearing on video game soundtracks.

AMP interview part 3:  AMP’s decision to sign with a a major label, getting airplay and how they determine if they’re “selling out.”

AMP interview part 4 The band talks about its August release of Let’s Build Something To Break, the relationships they fostered on the Warped tour, and how they are using digital media (including their LS-10) among other topics.

Additional downloads

Download AMP’s new single, “Take Me Home.” Or listen to an audio stream of “Take Me Home.”

Watch AMP’s video for “Take Me Home” on the Olympus Audio YouTube channel.

View a PDF containing the band’s tour dates and background.


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  1. […] armed interviewer Mickey Lynch with an Olympus LS-10 PCM recorder to interview After Midnight Project before their July 17, 2009, appearance in Camden, N.J. as part of the Warped Tour.  We’ve […]

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