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The LS-11 is Going Hollywood (Actually Anaheim)

Already a favorite among musicians everywhere, the Olympus LS-11 digital audio recorder is getting some serious national recognition.

The 26th Annual TEC Awards for Outstanding Technical Achievement has nominated the Olympus LS-11 as one of six finalists in the category of Recording Devices (Hardware Recorders).

This year, the TEC Awards are an even bigger deal as the upcoming show will be presented for the first time at NAMM (Anaheim, CA) – the music industry’s largest international products trade show. NAMM has nearly 1500 exhibitors and 90,000 attendees. TEC Awards will be presented on Friday, January 14, 2011 in the Pacific Ballroom of the Anaheim Hilton and it will be the signature evening event at NAMM.

Nominees and winners of the TEC Awards are determined through a three-step process. In April, a “Call for Entries” is posted on the TEC Foundation website, and emailed to audio manufacturers and sound production professionals. Initial selections are made in July by a Nominating Panel comprised of prominent professionals from all areas of the audio industry. Nominees are selected in the Technical and Creative fields, consisting of 25 sub-categories. Eligible nominees are those projects or products that, in the opinion of the Nominating Panel, represent superior accomplishment in their respective fields.

Voting for the TEC Awards is performed by members of prominent professional audio and music industry organizations and websites, including the Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy, SPARS, the Audio Engineering Society, NAMM, and the GAME Audio Network Guild.

So good luck, LS-11. However, with two condenser mics, built-in mics for immediate playback and 8GB of internal memory, the LS-11 hardly needs it….

DP-10: The “Micro-Cassette Successor”

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the new DP-10 to our extensive line of digital voice recorders. You may have noticed we’re doing something a little different with the introduction of this device. Many of our recorders are filled to the brim with the latest technology and options that our users crave. But we understand that not everyone is looking for bells and whistles when it comes to voice recorders. That’s why we’re calling this piece our “micro-cassette successor,” which may seem a little unusual to say in 2010. Let me tell you why it makes sense.

Over the years of digital audio recorder development we’ve noticed a trend. Some folks just refuse to give up their analog recorders. Why? They’re incredibly simple to use and the price is right. And while they’d like to upgrade to digital, ease-of-use, sound quality and price are key to making the transition. The DP-10 was built to make that transition a little easier.

Simple & Easy-To-Use: While most of our recorders are intuitive and easy-to-use, we’ve taken it a step further with the DP-10. You’ll find that we’ve kept the buttons down to a minimum and feature only the necessities (i.e. Play, Stop, and Record). Such simplicity will feel quite natural to micro-cassette users. Users will find the built-in memory as easy to use as swapping out a tape. The new “Calendar Search” function gives users the ability to organize recordings by date and time. There are no folders to navigate on this device.

Long Life & Great Sound Quality: With only two AAA batteries the DP-10 features 63 hours of battery life and, like all of our digital recorders, the DP-10 records in high-quality WMA format. In LP mode this adds up to 131 hours of recording time.

Simple features and a great price ($34.99) make the DP-10 the perfect transitional recorder for those looking to upgrade from micro-cassette recorders. For more information on the DP-10 check out the full press release here.

We have tech support. Please don’t shoot your digital voice recorder.

While we strive to bring you the best in digital voice recorders, sometimes you may experience hiccups with your device. This is why we provide technical support over the phone or online. If you’re ever having issues with one of our products here are some helpful tools to help you solve your problem.

– Call us Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 7pm EST @ 1-800-622-6372 for live technical support

– email us with questions about your specific recorder using this link

– find FAQs, instruction manuals and software downloads for your specific recorder here

Whether online or on the phone we provide many solutions so you’ll never have to resort to shooting your recorder. Like this guy did.

DM-4 Audio Walkthrough

If you’re considering the new Olympus DM-4 or DM-2, or if you already own one, this audio tour will take you through the ins and outs of the recorders. Pat Furguson from blindcooltech.com has put together a very thorough audio tour covering everything you need to know about the new DM series from box contents to the position of buttons on the recorder to a live functionality tutorial. Many thanks to Pat and the folks at blindcooltech.com for their ongoing support of Olympus audio products and their commitment to improving the lives of the visually impaired with technology.

Well, my 5 year old daughter still can’t sing…

…but at least she has better taste in the songs she butchers now.

A few months back I was lucky enough to have my digital voice recorder handy for the whole Since You’ve Been Gone episode. Last night my wife heard her singing to the bedtime mix of songs I made for her recently. I put Carole King’s It’s Too Late on there thinking she would probably enjoy it. I guess I was right. I managed to get upstairs in time to catch the last chorus but couldn’t get to my LS-10 in time to capture it. Well, fortunately I worked from home today and her bedroom is right next to my office. Sure enough, the song came on and I was able to get to my recorder in time to capture it. She doesn’t quite have all the lyrics down yet but it’s close enough for a 5 year old. Here she is singing the chorus. This will be filed away to be played for her friends when she’s older. Now, if I could only get a recording of her singing Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden in the car….

New Recorders Added to Record-breaking VN Series

This past April we marked the sale of our 10 millionth VN series recorder. Following this landmark we’re pleased to introduce the VN-7000 and VN-8100PC recorders to this successful line. In addition to their sleek look and feel these recorders are packed with great features at even better prices. Always intuitive and easy to use, both recorders now feature a Scene Select mode. If you’re recording in an unfamiliar space and not sure which setting to use, this mode allows you to select from preset environmental settings to help you capture optimal recordings whether you’re in a classroom or a lecture hall. Both recorders also feature 2GB of internal memory and long battery lives to ensure you’ll be able to capture what you need when you need it. With the school year just around the corner, teachers and students alike will find great features at an affordable price with our new VN series recorders.

VN-7000 features:

  • 2GB of internal memory
  • Over 1,200 hours of recording time
  • 39 hours of battery life
  • HQ, SP & LP sound quality
  • VCVA function
  • Index Marks function
  • Playback speed control
  • Alarm function

VN-8100PC features:

  • 2GB of internal memory
  • Over 850 hours of recording time
  • MP3 and WMA recording formats
  • USB 2.0 high-speed connectivity to your PC/Mac
  • Larger LCD screen with font size select function
  • Scene Select function
  • 51 hours of battery life
  • VCVA, Multiple Language and Index Marks functions
  • Playback speed control
  • Larger speakers

The VN-7000 and VN-8100PC digital audio recorders will be available in September 2010. Both will include a carrying case, two rechargeable AAA alkaline batteries, an instruction manual and an Olympus warranty card. The VN-8100PC is also supplied with a USB cable for connection to your PC or Mac.


VN-7000 Estimated Street Price: $39.99

VN-8100PC Estimated Street Price: $59.99

To read the full press release visit: http://twurl.nl/fbhmpq