Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP): Disembodied “voices” and sound imprinted on audio recording devices.

With the Halloween season upon us and the apparent interest in ghost hunting by users of our products, we thought it would be fun to put up a page dedicated to Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Here we will share with you various links and resources to help you explore the unknown audio universe. We will also post links of actual EVPs that have been captured using Olympus handheld recorders. We invite ghost hunters to submit their EVPs and tips. If you’ve captured something creepy or have some advice to share on the topic we’ll post it.

So get out there and start recording sounds from worlds beyond.


Here’s a nice article written by Bill Lonero, an EVP specialist with the TAPs team. Bill wrote this for the first issue of TAPS Paramag. In this article Bill provides some top-line information on the types of equipment and tools required to collect EVPs, tips and even some recommendations. EVP Equipment and Techniques for Cleaning

Give Me Some Proof – Part 2 “Recording Their Voices”

This article comes straight from Grant Wilson of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and offers a nice overview of how you should go about capturing EVPs from equipment selection to procedure. Some of this is common sense info that you may not have considered. Check it out here: Give Me Some Proof – Part 2 “Recording Their Voices”

Video: How to record EVPs

Here’s a video I found on YouTube hosted by Katrina from Austin Paranormal Research. In this segment Katrina takes us through the basics of recording EVPs from equipment to investigation setup to the dos and don’ts of EVP investigations.

Books on EVPs and Ghost Hunting

Google Books is an awesome resource for books on ghost hunting and EVPs. Many are free to read in their entirety.

Here are a few I found:

How to Be a Ghost Hunter by Richard Southall — Chapter 4 offers a good history of EVPs. Good tips in this book

There Is No Death and There Are No Dead by Lisa F Butler — This book deals exclusively with EVPs and he thoroughly covers Instrumental Transcommunication.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings by Tom Ogden — Because no topic is immune from the “idiot’s guide” treatment.

Tips for Recording EVPs

Following are some interesting and helpful tips for recording EVPs:

What Questions to Ask When Recording EVPs

The Beyond: EVP Questions & Tips

Paranormal Investigations: Avoiding contaminated evidence while using digital voice recorders

EVP Recording Basics by New England Society of Paranormal Investigators



We can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of any of the following EVPs. We submit them for your review and consideration and as demonstration of Olympus’ recorders performance in this application. If you’ve captured an EVP using one of our recorders we’d love to hear it. Please submit for review. If it’s creepy enough, we’ll post it.

Get Out

Captured By: The Yuma Spirit Hunters

Location: Business 22 in Yuma

Recorder: Unknown Olympus Model

EVP Class: A


“Red Light”

Captured By: The Spirit Research Society

Location: Campbell’s Covered Bridge, Landrum, SC

Recorder: VN-2100PC

EVP Class: A


Bobby Mackey’s Music World

These EVPs come to us from Bobby Mackey’s Music World. Those of you who are familiar with Bobby Mackey’s is allegedly one of the most haunted places in America. If you’re not familiar with the grizzly back story you can get all the spooky details here.

The following two EVPs came from the infamous “hell’s gate.” It is hard to identify what the female voice is saying but it is very intersting given the history of this old well.

Hell’s Gate EVP 1

Hell’s Gate EVP 2

Captured By: North American Paranormal Society

Location: Bobby Mackey’s Music World, Wilder, Kentucky

Recorder: Olympus VN Series Recorder

EVP Class: C




Private Residence - Kanawha County, WV

Private Residence - Kanawha County, WV


This EVP comes to us from ghost hunter Ray Zantarski who investigated this barn on a private residence with some noted paranormal activity such as full body apparitions, disembodied voices and people being touched. The most dramatic account comes from the adult daughter of the property owner who reported being grabbed and held by the arms while in this barn. A disembodied voice then told her to “get out!”  The EVP was captured toward the end of the investigation and appears to be saying “Raymond.” The strange thing is that investigator and the property owner share this name.

Captured By: Ray Zantarski

Location: Barn on private residence – Kanwha County, West Virginia

Recorder: VN-6200PC with ME-52W external microphone

EVP Class: A


“That’s it?”


This EVP was captured during an investigation of the RMS Queen Mary, a legendary haunt docked in Long Beach, CA. I’m not sure of the circumstances but apparently Grant, Donna & Lisa from TAPs were leading this investigation. This Class A EVP was captured in cargo hold #1. You can hear a number of investigators talking during this recording. However, you will clearly hear what sounds like a  child’s voice saying “No………..that’s it?” The investigator notes that there were no children present during the investigation.

Captured By: Donn Shy from Are There Ghosts?

Location: RMS Queen Mary, Cargo Hold #1

Recorder: WS-100




Fort Mifflin Torpedo Casemate

Ft. Mifflin - Torpedo Casemate


This EVP was submitted by ghost hunters Ray Zantarski and Jeannine Brogan who recently visited Fort Mifflin, one of the most haunted sites in Philadelphia, PA. While the visit wasn’t specifically for the purpose of investigation, with gear in hand, Ray and Jeannine took the opportunity to capture some EVPs. This one was captured in one of the torpedo casemates. In the clip you hear Jeannine call out “Hello.”  A few moments later you will hear a deep male voice answer back a somewhat surprised, “Hello?” The voice was not heard at the time and the EVP was discovered upon review of the audio. Ray reports that special care was taken in making sure that the casemate area was clear of other visitors and possible audio sources.

Captured By: Ray Zantarski/Jeannine Brogan

Location: Fort Mifflin – Philadelphia, PA

Recorder: VN-6200PC with ME-52W external microphone

EVP Class: A


Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Located in Louisville, KY, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is alleged by ghost hunters around the globe to be one of the most haunted hospitals in the US. This institution opened in 1910 to accommodate Tuberculosis patients during the outbreak of the “White Plague” in the early 1900s. At the time the facility was considered to be the best treatment facility available. However, treatments were considered “primitive and grisly.” In the two decades the facility was in operation more than 6,000 patients died behind its walls.

I dug up this video while poking around YouTube. The video includes multiple EVPs captured during an investigation in May of 2009.

Captured By: Unknown group from Michigan

Location: Louisville, KY

Recorder: Olympus VN-960PC – no microphone accessories used.

EVP Classes: A, B & C


Villisca Axe Murder House

What is now known as the Villisca Axe Murder House was once the home of Joseph B. Moore, his wife Sarah and their four children. All of whom met their untimely end at the hands of a brutal axe murderer in the early hours of June 10, 1912. While some maintain that there is no true paranormal activity to be found in the house, others consider it o be one of the most haunted locations in the US.  This video contains series of EVPs captured during a 2-day investigation in May 2005.

Captured By: Paranormal Research & Investigation Studies Midwest

Location: Villisca, Iowa

Recorder:  Olympus W-10 digital voice recorder

EVP Classes: B & C



9 Responses

  1. Awesome articles, and very informative. Looking forward to hearing more on these topics. Thank You!

  2. Awesome Articles, and very informative. Keep them coming they are all very interesting. Thank You !

  3. Interesting page. How do I submit an EVP?

  4. For years Olympus records has been the recorder of choices when doing paranormal investigations. We have been getting great results using the Olympus DS-30.

    • Thanks for the comment. I have found our recorders to be quite popular with the paranormal audience. Not knowing a tremendous amount about EVP research i’m curious as to why. Is it the frequency response? We’d appreciate your insight.

  5. I’m wondering if the VN-7600PC digital voice recorder can pick up evps My friends at world of ghosts call me Spirit Hunter
    please answer me if can..

    • I’m no EVP expert but, from what I understand, users have gotten really good results from our products. Many of the EVPs I’ve come across have been recorded on various VN series recorders. You can hear some of those on our EVP page.

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