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What are people saying about Olympus recorders?

It goes without saying that we believe in and love our audio products. We could sit here all day long and tell you how great they are. But don’t take our word for it. Here you’ll find third-party reviews of our product for your consideration as you conduct research on which recorder is right for you.


Olympus Audio Recorder Is a Sonic Sponge!

WIRED magazine gave the LS-11 an 8 out of 10. See their full review here.


Olympus Voice Recorder Is Tough As Nails; Nails Tough Audio

Jose Fermoso from WIRED reviews the LS-10 from the reckless field recorder perspective. Need a digital voice recorder that will survive your gear bag? This is it.


Olympus WS-500M: Editor’s Choice

Posted on October 20, 2009 by westway77 | Edit

We’re proud to share that the Olympus WS-500M digital voice recorder has been named as an Editor’s Choice by The four-out-of-five-star review points to the WS-500M’s “elegant design, versatile options, and handy USB connector” as factors leading to the prestigious honor. Check out the full review here.


FrequencyCast’s Unofficial Guide to the LS-11

Posted on November 18, 2009 by westway77 | Edit

The guys at FrequencyCast, a UK based technology podcast,  featured the LS-11 on one of their recent shows. In this episode Carl and Pete unbox an LS-11 and provide a comprehensive review of features while road-testing the recorder in various environments. You’ll get a great sense of the LS-11’s recording capabilites from ambient location work to musical performances. Many thanks to the folks at FrequencyCast for a thoughtful and thorough review. Check out the podcast HERE

Follow up: The guys at FreqencyCast put together a nice follow up piece to their podcast on the LS-11. They assembled a comparison of the LS-10 and LS-11 in this distillation of their radio show review. Check it out here.


O’Reilly Media Reviews the Olympus LS-10 WAV/WMA/MP3 Recorder

In this very thorough review, Mark Nelson, breaks down the LS-10 and takes you on a tour of our flagship Linear PCM Recorder. Check out the review here.


Olympus LS-10 – What’s it all about?

John Willett of UK’s IBS (Organization for Sound Professionals) reports on his experiences with a diminutive field recorder. Read the review here.


Olympus LS-10/11 versus Sony PCM-M10

Recently, I’ve become a fan of the theatre of noise blog published by Robin Parmar.  While Robin covers a variety of topics on his blog, one of the things I really enjoy is his reviews of voice recording gear. His reviews are quite thorough while remaining fair and balanced. Through various social spaces I often see requests for side-by-side reviews of our LS series of recorders versus competitive products. Well, yesterday I came across what I believe is one of the finest reviews of the LS-10/11 versus the Sony PCM-M10. If you’re seriously looking into purchasing either of these recorders this review is a must-see. Many thanks to Robin for the review.


Radio Magazine reviews the Olympus LS-11 Linear PCM Recorder

Gill T. Wilson of WAKO-AM/FM in Lawrenceville, Illinois provides a review of the Olympus LS-11 from the newscaster’s perspective.



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